2012 TechArt Porsche 911

The 2012 TechArt Porsche 911 is an incredible looking machine when compared to other packaged versions of this model.

The TechArt program has opened the door for Porsche to maintain its classic appearance while altering it enough to satisfy those that desired a drastic visual change and those that preferred the standard design.

Aero Wings

The front three piece spoiler adds a feel of toughness to an extremely eloquent shape while the rear spoiler just says this vehicle can move while keeping the cars lines smooth and attractive.

This 911 has side skirts and Aero Wings that appear almost artistic in their placement while still representing the body style that Porsche is known for.

Trim panels accentuate many of the exterior components and aids in making this vehicle stand apart from others in the line.


The vehicle has an intense yellow finish with a beautiful black interior that was so common during the muscle car era. There are several color combinations available however this will certainly be the most popular.

You can look forward to the carbon fiber throughout the interior and masterful crafting in the upholstery with stitching and color coordination that few can match.


The TechArt exhaust system gives us oval tubes and a valve control system to increase overall performance and reliability. There is a choice of 20 or 21 inch wheels that are true TechArt and as impressive as they are visually they are lighter thus improving performance while driving based on a reduction in mass.

Truth be told, you are looking at a Porsche 911 with a package that simply amplifies the beauty and performance that the vehicle is known for. The 2012 TechArt Porsche 911 is a masterpiece artistically and between its abilities and flash of lightning appearance, it will become the choice of the 911 community.