2012 Hamann Porsche Panamera Cyrano

Looking for a luxury vehicle with outstanding performance capabilities is quite easy.

If you’re aiming for a luxury vehicle with the kind of performance that combines speed with a plush interior needed for the comfort of the driver and passenger; very few can really offer the car that has both qualities.


Porsche has collaborated with Hamann-Motorsport to come up with an innovative vehicle that is engineered to fit the driver’s needs. The 2012 Hamann Porsche Panamera Cyrano is created with a bonnet design that allows optimized airflow which reduces the lift at the front axle. Its engine management system is developed to increase the engine’s total output by 80 horsepower. Thus, a total of 580 horsepower can be obtained with this supercar. That’s a kind of performance that is very difficult to match.


Aside from technical enhancements in terms of the car’s output, the design of the exterior is also considered to be an eye catcher, particularly, the wheels with special suspensions. Moreover, these wheels are lightweight, thus, adding to the overall performance of the vehicle and also contributes to its sportiness. Side skirts are also incorporated which steadies the airflow across the side and also has an added stylish look.

There are a wide variety of sports cars in the market. However, it takes an expert to really know the sophistication and performance capabilities of each model. The Hamann Porsche Panamera Cyrano is a car that covers every aspect that a luxury sports vehicle must have. It is a sports car worthy of the name.


General Info
Vehicle Type: 4 door Coupe Base Price: NA
Fuel Tank Capacity: 26.4 gallons (100 liters) Miles Per Gallon: NA
Length: 195.6 in. (496 cm) Wheel Base: 114.9 in. (291 cm)
Height: 55.12 in. (140 cm) Width: 83.2 in. (211 cm)
Curb Weight: 4343 lbs (1970 kg) Maximum Seating: 4 people
Engine: 4.8L AWD V8 Compression Ratio: 10.5: 1
Horsepower: 580 HP Torque: 604 lb-ft @ 4600 rpm
0-60 mph: 3.8 seconds Maximum Speed: NA