2011 Lumma Design Porsche Cayenne CLR 558 GT

The standard Porsche Cayenne gets an upgrade with the Lumma CLR 558 GT. Boasting improved power, the Lumma CLR 558 GT 6 cylinder diesel engine has 276 hp which is higher than the standard Cayenne’s 240 hp. Maximum torque is 630 nm while the standard Cayenne’s is 550 nm.

Complementing the improved power is the newly improved body kit that includes side skirts, rear bumper, front and rear spoilers and a sporty looking bonnet. The car’s interior has also been improved with the new two-tone beige and black leather upholstery. The sports steering wheel is ergonomically designed and also includes an airbag for improved safety.

Driving on winding country roads is made easier and safer with the car’s electronic suspension lowering module. The car is lowered by 40 mm on both axles for improved handling.
Even the exhaust system has been improved. The Lumma CLR 558 GT’s three tailpipes make a thunderous sound and give the car a sportier rear look. The middle tailpipe is 100 mm in diameter while the other two are 80 mm in diameter.

The Lumma CLR 558 GT is a unique sports car with its exclusive interior and distinctive body kit. The standard Porsche Cayenne has truly been transformed and its performance greatly improved.