2011 Venturi America

Is it possible for an electric car to achieve the performance of a gas-powered sports car? French automobile manufacturer Venturi asked the same question and came up with an answer – yes, a ‘green sports car’ can be done. The company presents its newest achievement, the new Venturi America. Venturi has thrown in this vehicle its years of specialization in electric propulsion, high performance and state-of-the-art car technologies.

The Venturi America uses a new generation of electric motor, called the VM300, which is capable of producing 300 horsepower (with 220 kilowatts) and 380 Nm of torque. Apparently, it is the most advanced electric motor ever made for a car. To add to the motor power, Venturi adds a new 54 kWh LIV-10 Lithium Ion Polymer battery pack; and incredibly, it can be recharged using fast charge terminals or even a standard electrical socket. The Venturi America has a range of 300 km (or about 185 miles).