2010 Mazda MX-0 Concept Design

When it comes to driving, many factors come into play. The 2010 Mazda MX-0 focuses on minimum weight for superior cornering and acceleration. This model is based on a previous model, the MX-5, serving as its benchmark for a light-weight but fast car. Based on the MX-5 the design team was able to replace most of its components with simpler ones.

Lightweight materials were used to efficiently reduce its weight but a car that is too light might end up tipping over when cornering quickly whereas a car that is too heavy might not run fast enough. The Mazda MX-0 is a lightweight car and together with high-torque electric motors makes this car both light and fast and by using less energy and has a minimized use of raw materials, this makes this car environment and economy friendly as well. A correct power to weight ratio together with resource conservation is observed in this car for best performance, optimum driving comfort and being good for the environment.