Zagato Maserati GS

Design House Zagato has launched with Maserati a limited series called Maserati GS Zagato, only one year after the presentation of the Ferrari 575GTZ. The car follows the design lines of sport models offered to those clients with big bank accounts by the auto producers, in the 50 she car is built on the base of Spyder Maserati and incorporates a series of aluminum components, it uses the trident as logo on the hood and it signals the implication of Zagato House by a discreet Z on the wing. The combination remains a winning one and it states again the powerful mechanics, elegance although sporty style from Italy.

Maserati GS Zagato

The GS Zagato keeps the Coupe shape with 2 doors from the series model.details about price have not been revealed yet.The car is built for two persons and is shorter than the series Spyder with almost 20 cm. For the moment, the constructers have not offered information about the package engine/transmission, but it seems they will be the same as the series model.Zagato Team declares that the new model offers superior characteristics at handling and curve stability chapters. One of the technical arguments that support the italians afirmation is the fixed hood capable of increasing the torsion rigidity of the car’s body.The traditions are kept in the most classic style that has inspired many car designers in the 50’s and 60’s. Maserati GS Zagato will be presented on the show Concours d’Elegance Villa d’Este that will be opened in Cernobbio (Italy) 20 -22 April 2007.

Maserati GS Zagato back view