2013 Maserati Quattroporte

For those who love classic, fast cars, the 2013 Maserati Quattroporte will not disappoint. The same familiar styling features live on in this latest offering that is the Quattroporte .

The appearance is unmistakable, the traditional oval grille that let people know that what you see in the rear view mirror is a Maserati with its trident grille staring right back at you.
2013-Maserati-Quattroporte-posed A


General Info
Vehicle Type: Super Sport 4Dr Coupe Est. Market Price: NA
Fuel Tank Capacity: 21.1 gals (80L) MPG: 20 Combined
Length: 207.1 in. (526.2 cm) Wheelbase: 124.8 in. (317.1 cm)
Height: 58.3 in. (148.1 cm) Width: 76.7 in. (194.8 cm)
Curb Weight: 4188 lbs (1900 kg) Maximum Seating: 2+2
Engine: 3.8 Liter V8 DOHC Compression Ratio: 9.5: 1
Horsepower: 530 HP Max RPM: 6500-6800 rpm
Torque: 524 lb-ft @ 2250-3500 rpm Transmission: 8-Speed ZF Automatic
0-60 mph: 4.7 seconds Top Speed: 191 mph (307 km/h)


This 2013 Quattroporte features a 3.8 liter twin V8 engine that gives you full access to 530 horsepower. You can feel the power in this car and go from 0 – 60 mph in just 4.7 seconds. The Quattroporte has a top speed of 190 mph. At less than 1,600 rpm, the driver can access 95% of the available torque. The car runs smoothly and performs perfectly at any engine speed.

The multilink suspension in the rear and the double wishbone suspension in front with Sport Skyhook electronic controls. The featured Maserati Stability Program is an advanced electronic skid reduction system that has saved countless lives.
2013-Maserati-Quattroporte-marbled B


LED daytime running lights and Bi-Xenon front headlights help you see and be seen easily. These lights adjust automatically to road and light conditions and rotate to light up the road around corners. The trunk features a spoiler that helps to shield the trunk when it is opened in inclement weather.


All the seats feature hand stitched leather upholstery and every passenger is protected with an airbag. The six airbags include: two side airbags in front, two side airbags in the rear seating compartment, and one airbag each for driver and front passenger. Rear seat passengers will enjoy the extra legroom that this car offers.

Simple touch controls for all of the interior electronics make it easy to access temperature and music as well as most other features of the interior. The 15 speaker Quantum Logic Surround audio system for realistic sound quality.


Special attention has been given to the car’s consumption of fuel as well as the amount of emission discharged. The 200 bar direct injection system improves combustion by atomizing fuel to make consumption much more economical. The car has Increased Control Efficiency (I.C.E.) which improves the fuel economy.

The gearbox features an 8 speed ZF automatic control with two overdrive gear selections designed to reduce fuel consumption. A driver can choose to use automatic gear mode, or change them manually and a special SPORT button allows for faster shifts and sporty handling.
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