2011 Mansory Maserati Gran Turismo

MANSORY, the tuning company famous for its ability to refine and modify Italian luxury sports vehicles has come up with a modified sports-styled design with a front spoiler that has a tactful spoiler lip. The carbon fiber radiator grille emphasizes the Maserati’s trio in the center of the grille. The V8 engine, alongside with the performance-optimized ECU, improved air throughput air filter, and a sports exhaust system with two double-suction tail pipes gives a better and higher performance. The additional air inlets provide a way to regulate the temperature of the engine, thus, maximizing the functionality of the engine. The torque is also improved to 40 NM.

It also uses a progressive sport suspension on the front and rear wheels to lower the center of gravity of the vehicle, and simultaneously assuring the further concentration of its sporty attached parts. Mansory is the pioneer company in the global market to adjust the wheels exclusively for Maserati Gran Turismo.