2012 Lotus Evora 414E Hybrid

The 2012 Lotus Evora 414E Hybrid incorporates several of Lotus’s new developments.

The car features the latest technology in long-range electric propulsion.

It also uses the very latest technology innovations in electronics to assist the driver and has a totally new roof system and brand new interior design.


The drivetrain system has been developed in-house by Lotus Engineering. The two engines have been limited to delivering 207hp and 295lb-ft of torque to each wheel. This means the car can deliver different torque levels to each wheel and leads to higher stability without sacrificing response.

Part of the design concept for the Evora 414E Hybrid is to make the transition from standard internal combustion engines to hybrids as seamless as possible. The car is fitted with a simulated paddle shift that allows for lightning-quick gear changes and helps make the car feel like a standard sports car.

When the paddle shift, which is mounted on the steering column, is used to change gears, the synthesized engine sound also changes and modulated torque is used to create the sensation of a gearshift jolt.


The system also permits simulated engine braking by allowing the driver to downshift, something that is rare in hybrid cars because of the need to use dissipated energy to recharge batteries.

The driver can therefore dictate the braking characteristics, just as in a normal car. Alternatively, this feature can be switched off for reduced driver control leading to a more relaxed driving experience.

Exterior & Interior

Visually, the 2012 Evora 414E Hybrid is very much a Lotus but with a distinctive color scheme. The interior design team has come up with a copper theme for both the exterior and the interior. The theme, inspired by the colors associated with electrical wiring, is used extensively from stripes in the seats to inserts on the instrument panels.

The battery pack can be charged overnight from a standard mains socket, and the car can travel up to 35 miles on battery power only. The standard Lotus Range Extender gas powered engine can also recharge the batteries.