2010 Lotus Exige S Type 72

The Lotus Exige S type 72 is said to have drawn inspiration from the much-celebrated formula one car Lotus type 72. It is as much a sports car that provides superior performance as it is a comfortable streetcar.

The car is powered by an in-line 4 1.8-liter engine. It is featured with an intercooler and supercharger that promote superior handling and driving performance. It can easily go from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in a measly 4.7 seconds. It can go as far as the 8500 rpm rev limit with much ease. It completes its sporty look and feel with a detailed interior setting. It uses a pair of micro fibre ProBax sports bucket seat that is embellished with gold stitching. Fuel economy is a great benefit this car offers. It also provides enthusiasts with the option to have the Performance Pack that will enable the car to add 240 PS power increase.