2010 Lotus Evora 414E Hybrid Concept

Whether you’re looking for a more efficient and ecologically friendly car or a new ride that can satisfy your need for speed, The 2010 Lotus Evora 414E hybrid concept is one car that you should definitely watch out for. This new concept car has been making headlines as it promises to focus on using environmentally friendly technology without sacrificing performance. This is one hybrid car that is unlike any of those slow hybrids that you see on the market today. This beauty is capable of producing 408 horsepower and a 590 lb- ft of torque just by using electricity.

The Evora 414E is an extended range electricity vehicle, which means that it can run of batteries for a distance of up to 35 miles before it kickstarts an engine to provide it more power. It also has 2 electric motors which makes it more reliable than all the other electric car models out there. And even though the lotus Evora 414E may run on lithium ion batteries most of the time, lotus has integrated a HALOsonic technology into the car to make it sound just like your ordinary car.

The 414E hybrid concept looks like any standard Evora, except for the circuitry that has been carefully embedded into it. Though it may take a while before it’s slated for production, expect it to roam the streets in 5 years tops.