2011 Land Rover Masonry

Mansory Switzerland AG introduces an overhauling program to personalize the sports derivative of the off-road classic Range Rover, the Range Rover Sport. And Mansory’s timing could not be more perfect as the project is just in time for the Rover’s 40th birthday.

Like every modification project of Mansory, both the Rover’s body and interior were revamped top with an engine tune up. Mansory’s revamping will suit whether the Rover runs on petrol or diesel engine.

Mansory offers about 30 hp more output and additional 40Nm torque for all Range Rover Sport engine variation.

For a more striking look, Mansory provides the Range Rover Sport series with aerodynamic parts made of PU-RIM plastic improving this SUV’s sporty appearance. With remarkable air-intakes added with the ever becoming popular LEDs arranged vertically, this SUV is truly a stunner. Mansory even produced a new bonnet with huge power dome that will provide the engine more fresh air so as to achieve a well-balanced temperature.