Lamborghini Ankonian Concept

The Lamborghini Ankonian concept car is based on a design by Slavche Tanevski, a member of the Lamborghini Raw Materials Project. The Ankonian is named after a famous black haired bull, continuing the Lamborghini tradition of bovine recognition.

In a deviation from the usual styling cues found in supercars, the Ankonian is a bit downsized, with a cab backward design reminiscent of grand touring vehicles. The supercar vibe of the design was created via a combination of soft and angular lines. Taking cues from the Reventon, the aim of the design is to be aggressive and elegant at the same time. In an aim to be more environmentally responsible, the design is scaled down to be more compact.

Taking approximately 6 months to develop, the design was created with the use of clay modeling over the newer CAD modeling method. The length of the time committed to this project, in addition to the cooperation of designers from Audi and Lamborghini, ensured that this car comes out with a fully matured and polished design. The lights are placed in areas one wouldn’t normally expect, contributing to the extreme appearance of the car, regardless if the car is viewed from the front or back.