Infinity G37


After the great success that the G35 coupe has had in the past, Infinity launches a new sport coupe G37. Since 2003, when it arrived, the model G coupe has had annual sales of almost 26 000, number that accounts for nearly 40 percent of all G sales. Taking into account the fact the numbers reached in 2006 over 20000 (more than BMW did 3 Series Coupes- slightly under 15000), no one can say now that coupes are dead.It would be only natural that after such a huge success Infinity would bring to front a fresh two door of its own, especially if they want to keep BMW tense a little after they have just released the twin-turbocharged, 300-horsepower E92 335i coupe.The G-Coupe interior has been remodeled, the chassis has been tweaked and the styling has been brought to a higher level. 37 more horsepower has been added to the new V6. So the new G37 will be propelled by the new .7 liter VQ series V6 with 330 horses and 270 pound-feet of torque. The VQ will definitely be found into other Infinity products like the FX sport, M and G sedans or maybe the next Nissan Z or the upcoming Skyline GT-R. The VVEL is highly appreciated by Infinity due to a few qualities like: it provides more power and torque throughout the power band, also improves fuel economy as well as reduces emissions. At a first look, the new coupe seems to be almost like the old one, but further and more attentive examination reveals important fine lines: every body panel is new, fresh design cues are incorporated including a wave hood, a double-arch grille, L-shaped headlamps, and an integrated rear spoiler. When comparing dimensions, we can say that the G 37 has grown only 0.9 inches in length and 0.2 inches in width and it has shrinked by 0.1 inch in height. Wheelbase is still 112.2 inches, and front, rear tracks are widening by 0.5 and 0.9 inch, respectively.