2010 Infiniti IPL G Cambrio

The Infiniti Performance Line starts to grow as it exhibits the debut of its newest member, the 2010 Infiniti IPL G Cambrio, an effort in astute and artistic technology. This car brags about its IPL-tuned V6, exhaust and suspension, 19 inch IPL aluminum-alloy wheels and the three-piece retractable hardtop that give its powerful performance on the road. It also possesses a unique style of aerodynamics, assuring the stability of the vehicle at high speeds.

Its interior, a lavish and impressive red leather covers every corner of the vehicle with a little hint of blue, is an eye-catcher to consumers who are looking for an elating driving experience without compromise. Its production is only limited, so those who own one can be assured they have a unique vehicle. A combination of its engine’s features of 338 hp, 3.7 L and V6, and the sports-styled interior of IPL G Cambrio make it indeed a lucrative vehicle.