Hyundai QarmaQ


Hyundai has presented at the Geneva Show the series model i30 hatchback and the new QarmaQ concept.The crossover Concept, which has been announced in a sketch published a few weeks ago by Hyundai, brings an important change of approach in what concerns the materials used in its composition.
While the traditional cars use metal and glass, QarmaQ is assembled from plastic materials made by GE Plastics. The QarmaQ concept is the result of the cooperation between the 2 companies and brings, as novelty, a vista of the kind that only a view from the chopper gives, because of the great surface of the plasticized windows from the car’s body.
By integrating GE’s polycarbonate glazing wrap-around and the GE Lexan windscreens, the body weight of the cars is reduced by almost 50 %. A unique technology characterizes Lexan screens: Exatec Technology. It’ s a technology through which a thin, protective layer of glass is deposited on the screen, which helps when protecting from scratching or effects of humidity. The material, much lighter than traditional glass used in automotive industry, also increases the impact resistance and both occupant and pedestrian safety. When talking about pedestrian safety, we can also mention the system that uses deformable sections under the concept’s body panels, which is able to absorb crush energy in case a collision with a person may happen.
GE Plastics’ High Performance Thermoplastic Composite (which is used for the horizontal body panels) manages to also save some weight. 900 recycled plastic bottles have been used when manufacturing other body panels.
The new concept is a showcase of 30 new technologies that will be found in the future Hyundai models. The car is the result of the hard work of Hyundai Motor Europe’s Design and Technical Center and it has been engineered in cooperation with GE Plastics. It will be ready to roll in 2008 to 2014.