G-Power M6 Hurricane Convertible

Possibly one of the world’s fastest and most powerful kinds of convertibles on the market right now is made by G-Power. This 335-km/h G-Power’s M6 Hurricane has been compared with the latest BMW M6. At the height of its performance, it is equipped with a five-liter V10 engine with G-Power BI-Kompressor system that delivers 635 hp.

G-Power M6 Hurricane Convertible

To make up their engine, G-Power has equipped their car with a high-tech supercharging system. This system uses one belt-driven ASA T1-T2 compressor for each cylinder bank. The engine needs a cooling system; G-Power has inserted a dual-flow water-to-air intercooler system above their engine. The new supercharged M6 V10 engine has a maximum power output of 635 hp / 467 kW at 7,300. Both ASA superchargers spin at a speed of 100,000 rpm and rising. G-Power benefits from their engine, reaching 0-60 mph in 4.6 seconds. The top speed of this convertible is 198 mph.

G-Power M6 Hurricane Convertible side view

This car depends on the aerodynamics, tires, suspension and the brakes. G-Power has equipped this car with 21-inch light-alloy wheels. Also, G-Power provides their customers with a high performance braking system. Pricing for this car is $287,500 or 183,000 euros. I would recommend this car for people who would like to roll down the roof and bathe in the warm sun.