2010 GeigerCars Ford GT Geiger HP790

Karl Geiger has many things to be proud of with his latest creation, the 2010 GeigerCars Ford GT Geiger HP790. This sports car has 5.4 liter V8 engine that can run up to 780 horsepower. It possesses a larger throttle valve to enable higher supply of fresh air to come in.

2010-GeigerCars-Ford-GT-Geiger-HP790-Front-And-Side 480-

The stunning vivid green outer color is matched with the elegant matte black alloy wheels. Just the mere thought of the contrasting colors makes the 2010 GeigerCars Ford GT Geiger HP790 more appealing. This magnificent creation can shoot up to 100km per hour speed in just a measly 3.6 seconds and can shoot up to 300 kph in 22.8 seconds. The V8 engine can reach 6320 rpm and its torque can reach up to 863 Newton meters in as little as 4600 revolutions. Banking on such speed, it is safe to say that this machine is definitely not suitable for rookies and meek sport car drivers.