2009 Ford FR500CJ Cobra Jet Mustang

With the newest addition to the Mustang legacy, Ford Racing has introduced the 2009 Cobra Jet Mustang. The Mustang FR500CJ, also, known as the Cobra Jet was unveiled on Nov. 4 at the 2008 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. “The Cobra Jet is the newest offspring of the Ford Racing lineup of race cars,” said Jamie Allison, manager of the Ford Racing Performance Group. “We started with the FR500C in 2005 and then.

“All along the way, we worked with Brian Wolfe, who, at the time, was really in the calibration activity. He oversaw worldwide calibrations, and he was a big supporter of Ford Racing, both professionally and personally,” Allison said.

Continuing on, she mentioned, “He had always kind of asked us about our plans to do a drag race car and the time had just come early this year to, indeed, take all of the lessons we learned, all the processes, all of the relationships that we have inside with the plant and with the team and put together a sportsmen-destined drag race Mustang. Clearly, what we did in 1968 is the impetus for it, and we felt that it was time to bring back the Cobra Jet.”