2008 Heffner Camilo Edition Twin-Turbo Ford GT

Heffner Performance has made its imprint on this magnificent machinery from Ford GT. Combining two powerhouse chiefs from Ford GT and Lamborghini Gallardo, the team at Heffner Performance have expanded their range of expertise on this Ford GT supercar. Camilo Pardo met Jason Heffner in 2006 and drove in Camilo’s first GT and automatically qualified it as “the baddest GT I”ve ever been in.”

The Heffner Twin Turbo for the Ford GT has proven itself on the streets as well as the track. This system has obtained 200 mph from stand still point in just under 19 seconds. In the Camilo Edition, Heffner Performance TT GT also included a Setrab transmission cooler for additional performance enhancements in the Heffner Camilo Edition.