Avro 720 Mirage

The 2008 Avro 720 Mirage is no ordinary car and this thing has such an amazing look and feel to it that it could make me fall over. The Avro sort of resembles the Ford GT although this is a lot rarer of a car and has a lot better specs then the Ford GT. The Avro 720 Mirage will be limited to only a total of ten cars meaning that if you want to try owning one of these beauties you will need to ensure your spot very soon. The cars will all come in a nice metallic orange with black under body and rims. There is also the deduction on a usual back bumper which is mainly to lower the weight of the vehicle but there is also a custom back where there is a numbered plaque for each car. Since it’s limited to ten I can see why they would have a plaque on each car and I think it’s actually an awesome idea. The car can top out at 220Mph, one of the fastest cars.

avro 720 mirage ford gt

Everything under and around the hood of this car is fully custom and loaded. I haven’t seen the price on these yet but something is telling me that you’re looking over the cost of a house in most areas for this beauty. With only ten being made, the value is sure to rise as well because it’s hard to place a value on something so limited which often means only the rich of the rich get it and who most want it. This in a way is bad news for fans of the car because they probably won’t see one ever again unless it’s placed in a museum or something for people to see. This is luxury at its finest when dealing with sports performance cars and I would only dream of driving a car like this.

avro 720 mirage back view