1934 Ford Model 40 Special Speedster

The Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance is one of the most prestigious, if not the most prestigious, classic car shows in the world. Combining extremely old cars, rare cars, cars with serious history and cars that combine all of these 3 elements, this is one of the most highly anticipated dates on the car show calendar worldwide. During the 2011 edition of this annual event at Pebble Beach, California, a 77 year old legend resurfaced. This is the 1934 Ford Model 40 Special Speedster.


At first glance, this car looks like just another Ford hot rod. But once you hear its fascinating story, it will make you realize that this car is how legends are made. This is the personal car of the late Edsel Ford, former president of Ford Motors.

Its legend all started in 1932, when Edsel Ford, fresh from his trip in Europe, tasked E. T. “Bob” Gregorie to design for him a speedster that would remind him of European sports cars. Using a modified Ford Model 40 body and chassis, it became a one-off that is unlike anything on the road both then and now. After more than half a dozen decades and owners switching hands, it now resides at the Ford House.

It was a long and arduous road that the 1934 Ford Model 40 Special Speedster took. However, it made its re-appearance more glorious than it ever was. Improbably resurfacing at the Pebble Beach after decades of being missing, Edsel’s weapon of choice is now back to its former glory, capturing a big part of Ford’s history.


Engine: Flathead V8 Horsepower: 75 HP