2013 Citroen C1

The 2013 Citroen C1 debuted at the 2012 Brussels Motor Show in January, and will be available in the UK in late spring of this year. This year’s model sports an appealing redesign on the outside and inside, and features a more efficient power plant.

These changes make it an even more successful contender in the expanding city car market than it has been since its inception in 2005.

Exterior & Interior

With a length of just over 11 feet, the C1 is Citroen’s smallest vehicle. It is available in 3-door and 5-door body styles, can comfortably carry up to four people, and has held a position at the top of the city car list for economy and low environmental impact.

On the inside the C1 has plenty of storage space with compartments built-in and handy all around the passengers. Rear seats can be folded down, giving drivers an instantly bigger trunk volume for transport and storage as well. Because of its diminutive size, the car is a joy for the city driver, and its ability to turn around in about 30 feet makes it a great car for urban environments.

The exterior of the C1 has an abbreviated hood and a newly designed face. Rounded headlights have been retained, but with a totally redone bumper framing fog and running lights that lend a distinctive character to the small vehicle.

The rear of the new model keeps the unique glass tailgate design and features the new Citroen logo on its graphics. Alloy wheels, 15 inch tires, and a range of color options complete the appeal of the new 2013 Citroen C1 for city drivers.


Easy and inexpensive to drive, the Citroen C1 has a 68 horsepower 3-cylinder engine that runs on gasoline and a manual transmission. With this power train, the vehicle is able to attain nearly 66 mpg, and with an emissions improvement over last year’s model.

As an option, the Citroen can be equipped with an electronic gearbox system controlled by paddles mounted on the steering wheel providing better handling and increased driver enjoyment. The non-manual version has slightly lower fuel economy at 63 mpg.


General Info
Vehicle Type: Compact Base Price: NA
Engine: 3 Cylinder Horsepower: 68 HP