2015 Chevrolet Corvette C7.R

Chevrolet’s racing line has been completed with the launch of the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette C7.R.

For nearly 15 years, the Corvette line has been producing developed and improved year after year and the C7.R brings in new manufacturing technologies that aim to boost performance, agility, style, and stability.


General Info
Vehicle Type: Coupe Base Price: NA
Fuel Tank Capacity: 18.5 gals (70 L) Miles Per Gallon: NA
Maximum Seating: 2 people Wheel Base: 106.6 in. (270.8 cm)
Height: 45.3 in. (115.1 cm) Width: 80.7 in. (205 cm)
Engine: 5.5 Liter V8 DI Transmission: 6-Speed Manual


Chevrolet uses a 5.5 liter V8 engine for their racing car. Due to racing regulations, the engine horsepower output has been limited to 500 horsepower.

The transmission is a six-speed sequential gearbox mounted in the rear. Also, the model comes with direct injection technology that improves fuel economy.



The engineers at Chevrolet used the front grill mounted in the bumper to route the air through the hood. This change improves aerodynamics and down-force increasing its stability.

Braking and control have been optimized by using steel disks. These elements combined give the C7.R improved stability, road grip, and exceptional aerodynamics.

Despite having a toned down engine as compared with the previous generation, the C7.R is a superior racing car. The fuel economy of the new engine reduces the driver’s need to do a pit stop and spend more time on the track.

Also, the new aluminum frame provides better stability and protection while on the track.


The design of the C7.R borrows many elements from the Corvette Stingray. Aerodynamics has been improved with the aid of a new bonnet and front bumper that hosts a large grille.

Air vents have been placed on the sides while the rear receives a more aggressive bumper with black elements. The tail lights have been placed deeper into the bumper making them difficult to see from the sides.


Similar to other racing cars, the interior of the C7.R was built to protect the driver. Steel frames have been placed on the sides near the doors.

The dashboard has been kept as clean as possible while the seats were pushed towards the rear.