Fatal Car Accidents Caught on Tape

Car accidents occur when a car collides with another vehicle, pedestrians, walls etc. Crashes can lead to damaged properties, severe injuries, and even death. A car accident can happen when you least expect it and can happen to anyone. Some of the common causes of car crashes include speeding, drunk driving, careless behavior, lack of focus, poor eye sight, vehicle problems, health related problems, and many other distractions.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), roughly 6.5 million auto accidents occur every year in the United States. The cost for these accidents reach 250 billion dollars. 3.2 million people are injured, and 45,000 are killed every year in the U.S. as a result of car accidents. It is estimated that 125 people die each day in the United States from car accidents, that is 1 death every 12 minutes. In the United States, drivers are required to have car insurance to help cover the cost of many unexpected damages and injuries on the road.

The 15 Worst, Deadliest and Most Amazing Collisions Caught on Tape

1.  A police officer pulled over a car for inspection. What just happened and who was to blame?

2. A car running away from the cops ran a red light and then… Not so funny if you’re the driver.

3. A motorcycle vs a 4-door sedan. The sedan ran red lights and the motorcycle driver have to endure the pain.

4. A Mercedes-Benz going 120 mph at the Autobahn in Germany slam into a guardrail and slid for 100 yards backward before coming to a stop.

5. At a Maryland raceway, a race car was destroyed within seconds. Did the driver survived?

6. A white SUV going 100 mph is being chased by police. Watch what happened to him.

7. A police officer was slam into by a bad driver right when he looks up.

8. Crazy car crash at an intersection. Watch the guy crossing the street.

9. On the race track, Tetsuya Ota got slammed into by another car after stopping. So many people were hurt in this horrific accident.

10. Bruce Allen experienced one of the deadliest crash while racing.

11. Due to car problems and misfortune, the driver and passenger nearly drown in mud.

12. Did the reporter expect this?

13. On a normal day, a truck accidentally crash through the wall and into the building. Luckily, no one was seriously hurt!

14. While testing, the driver lost control and his car flip through the air a few times before landing.

15. How smart is this? Please do not try this stupid stunt.

Bonus – One of the best police pursuits caught on tape. Check out the driver amazing driving skills.

These videos are here to remind all of us to obey the laws and always follow traffic safety rules. Next time you’re on the road, remember… Safety first!