2011 Brabus Mercedes-Benz SLS Roadster

By itself, the Mercedes Benz SLS is already a superb automobile, as close to perfection that a sports car can possibly achieve. But in the hands of tuner company Brabus, they have elevated the already high standards of this car to another level.

So what makes the 2011 Brabus Mercedes Benz SLS Roadster special?


Hanging on to their reputation for “style and performance”, Brabus has gone on to transform the SLS convertible into their definition of the ultimate SLS. The aerodynamic kit that Brabus used for the SLS used for the coupe is modified to adapt to the convertible’s different aerodynamic characteristics. As usual, the aerodynamic parts are made of carbon fiber, on par with what’s used on race cars.

If that doesn’t sound lightweight enough, custom made 21 inch Brabus forged wheels further saves weight from the body. Brabus developed a suspension in partnership with Bilstein, provides a perfect compromise between razor sharp handling on the track and proper shock absorbing on the road. A front lift system allows the front to be raised to avoid obstacles such as speed humps to avoid damage.


Then Brabus proceeded to modifying the engine with their B63 S Tuning Kit. Featuring new ECU settings and a high performance exhaust system that is enough to raise the output of the SLS engine into 611 horsepower, which is not a small amount in any stretch of the imagination.

Combine all that with a fully customizable high quality interior, and you get the 2011 Brabus Mercedes Benz SLS Roadster, a car that is special in almost every single way.


General Info Dimensions
Length: 182.6 in. (463 cm) Wheel Base: 105.5 in. (268 cm)
Width: 76.3 in. (193 cm) Curb Weight: 3661 lbs (1662 kg)
Engine: 32 valve V8 DOHC Displacement: 6208 cc
Horsepower: 600 HP Max RPM: 6800 RPM
Torque: 479 lb-ft @ 4750 rpm Transmission: 7-Speed AMG Speedshift