2009 Hamann BMW 7 Series

The 2009 Hamann BMW 7 Series is a high performance four door luxury car.

The Hamann features a diesel engine with turbine geometric and stainless steel exhaust systems that gives a comfort and smooth driving and engine delivers an output power of 245 bhp.

The Hamann features 22-inch black aluminum wheels wrapped with high performance tires. The front tires measure 265/30 ZR and the rear tires measure 295/25 ZR. The wheels feature high performance braking system with piston calipers on all the wheels for better braking that stops the car safely even at high speeds.

Hamann BMW 7 Series

The exteriors feature the LED lights, stylish body structure and mirrors. The interiors feature aluminum pedals, sporty steering wheel, leather seats and instrument panels.

Hamann BMW 7 Series back view


Vehicle Type: – 4- door luxury car
Configuration: – Front Engine
Engine: – diesel engine
Power: – 245 bhp