2014 Audi R18 e-tron quattro LMP1 Racecar

The 2014 Audi R18 e-tron quattro LMP1 Racecar is viewed as the most advanced and complex vehicle built by Audi. The new model seeks to build on the previous incarnation that was a Le Mans winner.

New Innovations

The LMP1 Racecar is distinguished by a number of brilliant new innovations. The V6 TDI mid-engine has been improved so that it offers improved power and performance.

The front axle has been integrated with the e-tron quattro hybrid system allowing it to store kinetic energy to be called upon when required. A brilliant new hybrid system has been produced with an electric turbocharger allowing the internal combustion engine to store energy converted from heat.

Among the benefits from these improvements is this model uses 30% less fuel.



The body is slimmer than earlier versions and this allows the R18 to travel in a much more aerodynamically sound manner. The wheels helps cut down on drag resistance. With less drag, the car can fly down the racetrack.

The shape of the front wheels has also been modified to further enhance how it performs aerodynamically.


Safety Enhancements

Learning from past experience, Audi has improved on the safety features of this model, the cockpit structure has been enhanced. The visibility capabilities for the driver has been boosted.

The monocoque has been layered with fabrics. The weight is a little heavier and this can also reduce damage in an accident.

All in all, the 2014 Audi R18 e-tron quattro LMP1 Racecar is one of the most impressive models released under the banner of this manufacturer.2014-Audi-R18-e-tron-quattro-LMP1-Racecar-can-you-see-it-C