2012 Audi RS5

There are not a lot of vehicles that can seamlessly combine elegant interior and body design with an optimum driving experience, but the 2012 Audi RS 5 is able to do that, establishing itself as one of the most anticipated sports cars.


Featuring a V8 engine capable of reaching speeds of up to 250 to 280 kilometers per hour that is sure to satisfy any driver’s proverbial need for speed, the Audi RS 5 is one of the fastest sports cars in the market.

Furthermore, the Audi RS 5 also ensures that the driver will be able to save more fuel compared to other flashy sports cars, thus making it a cost-efficient investment for prospective buyers. And of course, in adherence to the tradition of the Audi car company, the RS 5 also promises to be a visually-pleasing vehicle with its elegant design. The pleasing aesthetics of the vehicle also continues on its interior, which is made from the combination of high-quality black leather and Alcantara.


The RS 5 is truly a vehicle which stands out, even when placed alongside other vehicles by Audi. The company itself has billed the RS 5 as the star athlete among their future line of sports cars, a high-performance and powerful vehicle that is masked by an elegant exterior, which is saying a lot about this vehicle.


General Info
Vehicle Type: Coupe Base Price: NA
Engine: 32-valve DOHC V8 Displacement: 4.2L
Horsepower: 450 HP Max RPM: 8250 RPM
Torque: 317 lb-ft @ 4000 rpm Transmission: 7-Speed S Tronic
0-60 mph: 4.6 seconds Maximum Speed: 155 mph (249 kmh)