2011 MTM Audi RS5

Germany-based Audi, tuner and refiner of the MTM is offering to remove the factory speed limits on the Audi RS5, which will be like unleashing a road monster. Using MTM’s own V-Cantronic, which is a small control device, the RS5 can achieve from the standard 280 km/h to a whooping 303 km/h. The vehicle’s power is boosted. Aside from that, the tuning company also offers to tweak the RS5’s look by adding a double flood stainless steel exhaust system. This will add a sportier and more unique look to the car.

The standard Audi RS5 uses a 4.2 liter V8 engine, and produces 450 horsepower at 8250 rpm with 317 pounds per foott of torque. It uses 107.1 hp per liter. This power enhancement by MTM is sure to make the Audi racing enthusiasts drool; not to mention its very attractive price – 1.499 Euros. Without any major and complex under-the-hood tweaks, the tuned Audi RS5 is sure to set the road on fire.