2011 MTM Audi R8 V10 Biturbo

Fury in the streets – that is everything about the 2011 MTM Audi R8 V10 Biturbo. There are so many vehicles that have debuted in the market but have not come close to an Audi. German made, this vehicle has a 350 km/h top speed to brag out. All thanks to a massive engine that rocks the asphalt with an impressive V10 engine. Go ahead and look it over and you will see your reflection.

The car is definitely yours to keep especially if you want highly-polished chrome exterior. Perfectly and tediously hand-crafted, the impressive polished exterior is now one of the best looking cars. The makers of the R8 has also improved the car’s rear spoiler and made it a point that the vehicle can unleash all its monster horsepower of 777. Go ahead and make your day worth the while if you emerge from this classic design. Its interiors are also to die for since everything is leather – seats to its dashboard.

In 3 seconds, this metal inferno can start and end at 0-60 mph. Sure enough; no other vehicle will come beside it in a stoplight for they will be left behind at the bat of an eyelash.