2009 Audi R15 TDI

Audi is the first in the world to design a second generation diesel sports car. Audi once again proved to the world its supremacy in car technology to the 24 Hours Le Mans. The 24 Hours Le Mans is an economical, less weight and an environmental friendly car. The R15 TDI is unique compared to the previous models because of the technical features which cannot be seen in any other sports car.

2009 Audi R15 TDI

The engine is a sophisticated V10 Turbocharged Direct Injection which generates more than 600 hp, torque output of about 1,050 Newton meters. The power generation component is highly compact, which weighs less than twelve cylinder engine that is used in the previous R10 TDI engine, which is useful in reducing the CO2 emissions and fuel consumption. The modernization at the fuel insertion places and turbo charging helps to improve the better performance of the engine. In addition, the engine contains diesel particle filters.

The aerodynamics of the car plays a key role, particularly at Le Mans, when Audi won the DTM championship in the year2008.

Electrical System
An entirely new system has been adopted in the car, where lithium-ion battery is introduced in this car for the first time, which is used only in hybrid vehicles. The battery weighs less and generates a high voltage.

New Features
There are a number of features at the suspension and chassis of the car, rear suspension and facade has been lifted up, the wheel base also has been stretched compared to the previous versions.


Vehicle Type: – race car, no doors
Configuration: -Mid Engine/ RMD
Engine: – V10 Turbocharged Direct Injection
Torque: – 775 lb-ft@–rpm
Horsepower: – 600 bhp @–rpm
Transmission: – 6-speed sequential