Aston Martin Le Mans

The Aston Martin Le Mans is a sports car manufactured by Aston Martin in between the years 1932-1934.

The Aston Le Mans was available in both two seats and four seats. The body was made of aluminum and it was mounted on a steel frame which consisted of front and rear axles with leaf springs. The cars were lengthy where the wheelbase measured 2591 mm for the two seat cars and 3048 mm for the four seat cars.

The car featured a 1.5 liter straight 4 engine with dual horizontal SU carburetors and the engine delivered an output power of 70 hp at 4750 rpm. The bore measures 69.3 mm and the stroke measures 99mm. The wheels consisted of drum brakes that are mechanically operated. It reaches the speed of 50 mph in 16 seconds and the top speed is about 85 mph.

A total of 130 cars have been manufactured where the 1932 models were priced at £650 and the 1933 models were priced at £595.


Vehicle Type: – 2-seat and 4-seat
Class: – sports car
Configuration: – Front Engine
Engine: – 1.5 liter straight 4
Horsepower: – 70 hp at 4750 rpm
Transmission: – 4-speed Manual
Wheelbase: – 2591 mm and 3048 mm
0-50 mph: – 16 sec
Top speed: – 85 mph
Price: – £650 for 1932 models and £595 for 1933 models