2011 Artega SE

The Artega SE delivers luxury, beauty, science, engineering, and uniquness in its machines. Made for beauty and powered like no other engine on Earth, the Artega SE cruises the race track and the road like the wind. It stands alone blows rises against the tide. Its beautifully crafted body and its genetically engineered engine is second to none.

The Artega SE uses a state-of-the-art battery that breezes by competition. A total of 16 batteries with lithium ion polymer cells are integrated into the Artega SE’s body. Each module contains 12 batteries, and operates autonomously. 12 modules are located at the back of the machine and 4 in front. The water cooled batteries produce 37 kilowatt/hours and a nominal voltage of 350 V. The batteries can recharge conventionally on household electricity using a plug at the back of the car. The recharging time is reduced when park stations or special parking lots integrate recharging facilities. The batteries can be charged in 90 minutes.

A unique setting of the Artega SE is its recuperation settings. The toggle switches on the steering wheel can manipulate the recuperation rate when the driver removes his or her foot from the accelerator. The toggle settings range from about 75 kW to zero recuperation, a level called “sailing.” This setting gives the driver the ability to modify the characteristics of the acceleration to match the needs or wants of the driver.