2012 Wheelsandmore Alfa Romeo 8C

Finally, the 2012 Wheelsandmore Alfa Romeo 8C has been presented to the market. The German tuning firm has done it again with an Italian sports coupe that puts out additional horsepower and heightened driving pleasure.

The car is available in convertible and coupe models. The most notable among all its updates are the hand-made exhaust system, upgraded ECU, and the addition of 29.5 ft lbs of torque and 30 horsepower.


The Wheelsandmore Alfa Romeo comes with a V8 4.7 liter engine that when paired with the upgraded ECU, can deliver 463 horsepower and 368 lbs/ft of torque. Sure, Alfa Romeo lovers can make it even more powerful by having their units equipped with a sports exhaust system.

The powertrain will then deliver 478 horsepower and 383 lbs/ft of torque. Moreover, the new Alfa Romeo has remote-able exhaust valves.


The new Alfa Romeo has individualized ultra light forged 21″ wheels and a coil over suspension that has adjustable compression and rebound. The coil over suspension comes with a 5-year warranty.

This is available in several different colors and finishes that suit the taste of more stylish drivers. The tuned Alfa Romeo has finer curves that are profoundly minimalistic. All parts of the new tuner are high end.


By the car’s engine and its upgrades, its suspension tuning and its high end components, it is reasonable to presume that the car can withstand extended high speeds. The car is not tested by the federal government and other regulatory bodies since it has just been presented.

More information about this legendary car can be found in online communities for Alfa Romeo enthusiasts. It is important to note that the car is designed for purposes other than being a regular sports car.

Tuned sports car lovers will definitely be glad to have another addition to the Alfa Romeo collection. The 2012 Wheelsandmore Alfa Romeo will soon be released in the market.


General Info
Vehicle Type: Super Sport Coupe Est. Market Price: NA
Engine: 4.7L V8 DOHC Compression Ratio: NA
Horsepower: 463 HP Torque: 368 lb-ft