2012 Ugur Sahin Design Alfa Romeo 12C GTS

After the Anadi received warm welcome and entered production; Ugur Sahin has proudly unveiled the 2012 Ugur Sahin Alfa Romeo 12C GTS concept car. Ugur Sahin aims to give a new interpretation to the legendary Alfa Romeo lines.

If you think that the Alfa Romeos that you have seen before are eye catching, the concept car is stunning.


There are barely any details about how the 12C GTS will be powered. But since it draws inspiration from Alfa Romeo’s 8C, experts predict that it might just get the same powertrain. That would be the 4.7 liter V8 engine that delivers 444 horsepower and 354 lbs/ft of torque. The engine is paired with a six-speed robotized gearbox to provide smoother shifting and smooth performance.


Based on the specs of the 8C, the Ugur Sahin Design (USD) Alfa Romeo 12C GTS is projected to have a top speed of 181 mph. It can reach a quarter mile within 12.4 seconds, and it can run from a standstill to 62 mph in just 4.2 seconds. Since there are possibilities for Alfa Romeo to update its engine, there are great chances that the concept car can do better.


What is the most exciting about the 12C GTS is the updated design from Ugur Sahin. The surface, the styling cues and the historical lines are given a fresh perspective that, according to the designer, imparts a state of mind. The new 12C GTS has sharper lines, yet the familiar organic characteristics that you loved about the Alfa Romeo still remains.

Even if the car is standing still, you can sense the “forward movement” exuded by its stance. The organic lines flow from front to rear with hardly any disruptions, making the car look whole. In their center is the iconic Alfa Romeo grille. From the side, your eyes can see the proportional balance as well as the seamless lines that divide the upper and lower parts of the car.


Great car concepts can get even greater once the production is finished. The Ugur Sahin Alfa has top of the class looks and performance. You can also expect the car to have luxurious interiors. Putting things in the cabin with low-quality is simply not reasonable. The 2012 12C GTS is worthy of being included in your collection.


Supercars have very little flaws. If there were any, that would mainly be the price. It is yet to unveiled because right now, Ugur Sahin is looking for willing investors to make this car concept possible. And if that is, you will definitely have another car that is one of a kind.

As soon as the car finds generous patrons, the manufacturer will start production. If the 2012 Ugur Sahin Design Alfa Romeo 12C GTS made your heart beat faster, you might just need to follow it.