2009 Zenvo ST1

The Zenvo ST1 is manufactured by Zenvo Automotive, which is built in a Danish design. The design of the 2009 Zenvo ST1 is a hand built supercar, which will be manufactured to a limited edition, where 15 cars would be available to selected customers.

2009 Zenvo ST1

The plans behind this car are to build a high performance car, challenging the present day supercars. The car consists of an extreme power which is due to turbo and supercharger that is suitable for daily use. With 1104 horsepower, the Zenvo ST1 can accelerates from 0-60 in 3.0 seconds and reach a top speed of 233 mph.


Vehicle Type: -Production car, with two doors
Configuration: - Mid Engine/ RWD 6
Engine: - Supercharged and Turbocharged V8
Displacement: - 7000 cc
Torque: - 1055 lb-ft @ 4500 rpm
Horsepower: - 1104 bhp @ 6900 rpm
Weight: - 3025 lbs
Width: - 80.4 in
Length: - 183.7 in
Height: - 47.2 in
Wheelbase: - 120.3 in
Transmission: - 6-speed Manual
0-60 mph: - 3.0 sec
Top speed: - 233 mph

Video of the 2009 Zenvo ST1

  • someone who knows stuuf

    Everyone that’s saying it cannot happen can just shut up because lamborghini started off by making farming vehicles, then when the owner of the company complained over the clutch of his ferrari, he was told he didn’t know enough about sportscars. Who’s laughing now? in 10 years this company may have several models on the market who knows. It always depends on public interest wether it’s worth aiming for or not.

  • Fallen2562

    Actually its already made and sold and does those things

  • Big DreDre

    sorry to burt your bubbles but the is just a random company that doesnt know much about cars
    this is a concept if that
    the info they put down is nice to imagine but some of it doesnt make senseit looks nice and sounds like a good ideabut a random company jumping to a 233 hyyper car
    its just not possibly real with those specs.
    its not going to work outsorry to say 🙁

  • this is my car

  • A-dawg

    Denmark should stop making cars, and start making super bicycles, for people there like Tour De France

  • Andrus

    i tried to give my viper a zenvo for breakfast, but it didn’t wanna eat it, so i just gave it a veyron. TeeHee 🙂

  • Cuthbert paraiwa

    I like the agressive look..feels like its just growling at u,but i bet the sound of the engine says more..

  • speed


  • Michael

    this is a random car company that made a hypercar not something you would expect to happen

  • Andrus

    i rather have a big american v8 car, something like the Impala or Challenger

  • Fernando

    is kind of good compare to the lamborghini Avendator

  • t

    Zenvo only made one car? They need more! They Are epic!

  • Chandu

    This is the one that i was looking for, wow i love this madly. Dont have words……
    Hey GOD pls let me drive this car atleast in the dreammmmmmmmmm.
    This is among one of my favorate cars…

  • da’ man

    One of the best looking cars I’ve ever seen, almost as good as the Zonda R.
    I totally disagree with you Dj duck

  • Dj duck


  • Dj duck

    i will love to say this, but the old kid don’t know any thing about cars. when I was -600 in the year 1396, i knew how much the Lamborghini reventon would cost, I also knew that the Zenvo would be one of the worst cars in the world.

  • Dj duck

    R.I.P. Nathaniel Dwayne Hale “Nate Dogg” (August 19 1969 – March 15 2011) We will never forget you. This car sucks

  • steve

    not bad

  • jojo santago the canadian

    actualy it is my 7th fave car

  • jojo santago the canadian

    its my 2nd fave car

  • Michael

    with 1104hp it could do more

  • chewbacca

    silence DJ duck you non believer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jojosantiagothecanadian

    i love the noise of it

  • Dj duck

    it remind me of bieber and jonas brothers, i don’t like them at all

  • jojo santago the canadian

    i love it

  • Dj duck

    this is just NOT COOL, that is that. you just can’t change it!!

  • jojo santiago the canadian

    for once you are right bomb1023

  • the bomb1023

    it really doesnt look that bad

  • George

    This exceeds the Veyron in hp.

  • Michael

    i don’t get why people hate this car

  • Dj duck

    Chevy camaro, Dodge challenger and Ford mustang is 3 cars there are 999999999999999999999999999 times better than this 🙂

  • Dj duck

    i don’t care about what you are saying John, i still hate it more than any car in the world (exept French cars) 🙂

  • John

    One more note, the Zenvo is limited to 233mph, they’re not interested in joining the “fastest car going straight” contest. in theory it would do some 257mph without the restriction on it.

    It was also crowned the supercar of the year 2009 @ le mans.

    I doubt that the few emo kids inhere know more about supercars than the people actually driving them.

  • John

    God, who let the kids loose inhere?

    @ DJ duck, not everyone are aiming at building the fastest car, the Veyron turns like a brick, they put all their effort into making a car that’s fast in a straight line, I’m sure we’d have several cars doing 250mph if that’s all carmakers cared about, luckily it aint.

    Love the looks, but the headlights do look odd.

  • Dj duck

    hey Tommy g, guess what? you’re retard. this car and that wierd country DK SUCK. it is ugly, and they it have more hp than a Veyron, but it can’t drive faster. if i ever get one of these, i will drive some thing big over it. I HATE IT!!

  • hey muscleguy, guess what? you’re retard

  • GM&Ford&Mopar-dude

    this car and Denmark SUCK

  • there’s only 1 prob with it…the headlights have vents under them that just messed it up

  • i love this and i always will but for some reason i just cant get a chance to see a good angle of it

  • A man

    i hate it. the Freightliner cascadia is much better 😀

  • Ford&Toyota-guy

    WORST CAR EVER 🙁 I rather have a Ford f-350 🙂

  • Nate

    One of the most beautiful cars I have ever seen. Its like a Koenigsegg and a 458 mixed together to make one of the prettiest and fastest cars ever.

  • Luu

    Most of you cant Even afford a car never mind talk about one…

  • GART

    yalls wakk azz nigguhz, dis carr hottar than hell

  • Michael

    why do people hate this thing so much its nice.

  • 911 lover

    dont know it but i do now! it was good looking but now my dad in a merc lp640 can shoot by those things!

    so its rubbish to the core!

  • how it’s reached 1104 horsepower in stock??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????!!

  • i like this car if you dont like it your a a**

  • A dre

    h8 it

  • dre dogg

    dear Sam joe, it is not a muscle car. a muscle car is some thing like Plymouth baracuda and Dodge charger. that zenvo is not so cool as you say. zenvo have just copy some parts of other cars and it got 1104 hp but only goes up to 233 mph. my grandmother’s Toyota corolla can drive faster 🙁