Used Volvo

Volvo Cars is a Sweden-based automaker established in 1927. Ford Motor Company currently owns Volvo after having purchased the Swedish firm in the late 1990s for $6.45 billion. Vehicles rolling out of Volvo’s production lines include wagons, sedans, compact executive coupes and sedans, and sports utility vehicles. Manufacturing of Volvo vehicles has always followed the vision of its founders which is to build cars able to withstand the rigors of Sweden’s cold temperatures and rough roads.

Older Volvo cars were often likened to tractors because its former parent firm Volvo AB also manufactures heavy equipment. These classic Volvos of the 1970s and 1980s come in block-shaped bodies that earned them the moniker “brick” and those variants with more powerful turbo-charged engines were endearingly called “turbobricks”. The later models, however, have veered away from the boxy designs and have established a reputation for sporting performance following Volvo’s successes in the European and Australian touring car championships in the mid-1980s.