Used Toyota

Founded in the 1930s in Japan, Toyota Motor Corporation is one of the largest automakers in the world. Its headquarters are in Tokyo and the company’s name originated from the family name of the pioneer Kiichiro Toyoda. Toyota now has manufacturing and operation plants in over twenty countries including Australia, United Kingdom, Mexico, Thailand, and China among others.

The first vehicles ever sold by Toyota were the A1 and G1 passenger cars. The reason why Toyota is still the largest carmaker is because it adapts to the changing economy. For example, during 1971’s oil crisis, the company started producing smaller cars for better fuel consumption. Now that the whole world is affected by global warming, Toyota is one of the companies to push the use of environment-friendly hybrid cars in the market.

Toyota will remain the world’s largest automakers as it not only promises to manufacture cars with powerful engines, but also supports charity programs on education, safety and the environment.