Used Suzuki Cars

suzuki logoSay the brand name Suzuki and one immediately thinks of motorcycles. Suzuki’s business, however, spans a wide array of motor vehicles. Founded in 1887 by Michio Suzuki, who hailed from a small, central seacoast village in Japan, the Suzuki company originally concentrated on the textile loom business. When the business prospered, Suzuki turned his sights on an industry that would provide another important necessity – an affordable and reliable means of transport.

Suzuki lost no time in developing a prototype vehicle. However, manufacturing was stalled by the war. It was Michio Suzuki’s son, Shunzo, who later on designed a unique motor that could be attached to a bicycle. It was an ingenious idea that set the stage for further research in motorcycle engineering.

The Suzuki company eventually became officially known as Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd. By 1955, the first lightweight mass-production automobile called “Suzulight” was born.

Succeeding generations concentrated on expanding the business. Recent years have seen the arrival of Suzuki product breakthroughs – including sport utility vehicles.