Used Subaru

The Subaru Company is the car making division of the Japanese industrial giant Fuji Heavy Industries Group (FHI). Subaru is known for using the boxer type of engines and all wheel drive cars. Also, the company may be synonymous to turbochargers as many of their cars are fitted with the device.

The company name Subaru is patterned after Pleiades, which in Greek mythology means the Seven Sisters. In Japanese mythology, it means to govern, or to unite. The star cluster logo of Subaru is thus influenced. The biggest star represents the parent company, FHI. The other five stars stand for the five companies under the group.

Recently, Subaru’s Indiana, USA production plant was cited for conforming to environmental regulations to reduce waste and improve recycling efforts. It has developed fuel efficient hybrid vehicles and has plans to recycle their own cars that have reached end-of-life years. The company has been using aluminum in most areas of their products, from the transmission, engine, to elsewhere, and plans to recycle them.