Used Plymouth

In order to keep up in the midst of competition, Chrysler Corporation introduced Plymouth automobiles in 1928 as its principal representative in the low-priced models, which at that time was dominated by two famous marque of automobiles the Chevrolet and Ford.

Originally, Plymouth automobiles are intended to cover an entry-level marketing niche. But because of its standard features that are not found in its major competitors, it incidentally saved Chrysler Corporation in times of Great Depression when many other car manufacturers failed.

Plymouth might be an entry level classification but famous people, particularly politicians had driven their own Plymouth cars with pride and heads held high. At first it was exclusively manufactured by Chrysler, and shortly after DeSoto and Dodge came alongside in the year 1930.

However, in the early 60’s up to mid 70’s its sales plummeted fast that the car models it produced had never been as popular as The 1956 Fury, the first vehicle with gold trim and an impressive top speed of 124 mph. Since then it had never revived its glory that in 2001 Chrysler ended the Plymouth line.