The Mini brand was a car manufacturing company that was mainly based in Oxford England. Ever since April 2001, it has now become an integral part of the Car Giant BMW Group as one of its top current top selling brand. The Mini comes in numerous models namely the hatchback, convertible and “Clubman”. The original Mini was manufactured by the British Motor Corporation during the period of 1959 up to 2000 before its closure in 2001.

The latest car models under the Mini brand feature the Mini Hatchback of 2008, the Mini Clubman and the Mini Cooper Convertible. These models contain the patented and world trusted safety, security, stability and convenience that only the Mini brand can provide. It also contains all of the latest in technological advancements in the world of cars and automobiles as well as numerous innovations in the field of airbags, brakes, and other safety features that makes it on top against its competitors as of the latest.