Used MG

MG has been around since 1924 and has been supplying the automobile market with saloons and coupés. These 2-seater creations have paved the way for the British car manufacturer to reach the US soil and get settled as one of the high-end luxury built vehicles to date.

From sports cars like the Magna, the Midget, the MGB and MG TF to name a few to subcompact cars like the Metro and the ZR to the compact cars like the KN, 1100 and the 1300, they have manufactured even vans like the Metro Van to show Americans of their legacy and polished trademarks the United Kingdom is proud of.

For the MG they believe that the personality of the automobile is key and to the users, MG is their identity. That is why these vehicles’s heritage has long been etched in their lives as dominant figures that would never be forgotten.