Used Mercedes-Benz 600-Series

Mercedes Benz 600-Series 150

The Mercedes Benz 600-Series features one of the most prominent characteristics among the older versions of the Mercedes line of cars, namely its V12 engine. It is a Sedan type of automobile that has the traditional rear-wheel drive capabilities like other Mercedes Benz model cars. It was released last 1993 and has been one of the best sellers of the Mercedes line of cars and automobiles as of the 1990s. It is a 4 door executive type vehicle most suited for people with high standards and luxurious lifestyle. Like the other Mercedes Benz cars and automobiles, it features the patented safety, security, elegance, style, beauty, luxury, stability and durability that can only be found in Mercedes manufactured cars and automobiles.

Est. Price for Used Mercedes-Benz 600-Series: $4,000-$17,000
Est. MPG for Mercedes-Benz 600-Series: 11 City/17 Hwy
Available Trims: base, SEL
Below are Pre-Owned Mercedes-Benz 600-Series from Ebay and 2 of the top used-car sites on the web:

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Used Mercedes-Benz 600-Series on Oodle Used Mercedes-Benz 600-Series on AOL Autos

This Mercedes Benz 600-Series comes in both manual and automatic transmissions. It also has the Mercedes anti-lock brakes, power lock doors, power steering, power windows and other security and convenience features that only Mercedes branded cars and automobiles can provide.

Overlook of the Mercedes Benz 600-Series

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