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Being sold by the Lincoln brand of Ford, Lincoln Town Car boasts a large interior and exterior dimension. Despite declining sales numbers, Lincoln Town Car is one of the top selling American automobiles. It serves as America’s most utilized chauffeured and limousine car.

While comparatively affordable as the European luxury sedans, Lincoln Town Car is the most luxurious American sedan with prices ranging from over 40,000 U.S. dollars for a plain Signature Series to over 50,000 dollars for a top Signature L Series. The price of a Lincoln Town Car with ballistic protection starts at approximately 144,995 U.S. dollars.

Among the notable features of this full-size luxury car include its rear seat console package that offers rear seat passengers rear compartment and audio system controls, control functions and lots of space. According to NCTD, Forbes and, Lincoln Town Car is the most roomy luxury sedan that is under the 200,000 U.S. dollar price range.

Base MSRP for New Lincoln Town Car: $47,225
Estimated Price Range for Used Lincoln Town Car: $500-$45,000
Estimated MPG for Lincoln Town Car: 16 City/24 Hwy
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