Used Lincoln

Henry M. Leland founded Ford Motor Company’s Lincoln luxury brand in 1917. The company only acquired it when the Lincoln Motor Company has encountered serious financial troubles in 1922. Leland named the luxury brand after Abraham Lincoln, who is his longtime hero of his.

The acquisition of Lincoln was a delicate feat for Henry Ford. Lincoln swiftly became one of the top selling luxury brands in the U.S. along with Packard and Cadillac. After the brand has been taken over by Ford, bodywork changes and lessened prices escalated sales to over five thousand vehicles from March 1922 up to December 1922.

Several body styles were introduced in 1923 and that included two-window, three-window, phaeton, which lodged four passengers and four door sedans. Also offered by Ford are roadsters, sedans and limousines. In spite of the very limited market appeal, about 45 percent growth on Lincoln sales has been seen in 1923.