Used Lexus

In 1989, Eiji Toyoda, Toyota Motor Corporation’s Chairman, called for a very secret meeting. A that specific meeting with the company’s executives, he asked if they can create a luxurious vehicle that can challenge the world’s best. With this, Toyota executives then launched its most top-secret project, F1 or Flagship + No. 1 vehicle.

Project F1 aimed to develop a car that is luxurious and will expand Toyota. True enough, the result of this project was the launching of the Lexus LS 400 and the brand Lexus. Through that project Lexus became one of the highest-selling maker of luxury cars. With its global expansion, the car can now be bought in 68 countries worldwide.

Since it’s launching in 1989, Lexus has now launched various types of motor vehicles from sedans to SUVs to coupe to convertible. They have also made hybrid models that were subsequently launched in motor shows around the globe.

Being a Toyota company, it inherited a lot of manufacturing centers. They have centers in the Chubu and Kyushu regions in Japan.