Used Land Rover

In 1948, United Kingdom saw the first Land Rover Jeep from then on, whenever the brand was mentioned, it was easily associated with heavy duty longevity regardless of the weather. It was also the time of the Second World War when the Land Rover’s presence was felt. Mainly used for military purposes, the boxy look of its jeeps captured even the consumer market’s attention.

As a trivia, the Brit’s vehicle of choice reached the US Market only in 1987 since there were several companies that came to manage the Land Rover until the ownership fell upon Ford Motors Company at the start of the new millennium — which lasted 21 years its first drive on US soil.

The popular and well-known models of the Land Rover are the Defender, Freelander, LR2, LR3, Range Rover as well as the Rover Sport. In 2008, the Land Rover ownership touched base in India.