Used Jaguar

The Jaguar Cars Limited is a car manufacturing company of British origin that mainly focuses on the production of luxury car models. It was founded way back in 1922 by a man named Sir William Lyons. It was first named as Swallow Sidecar Company by the said man. This name was then changed into Jaguar after the passing of the 2nd World War all because of the unwanted initials of SS from its original company name.

The Jaguar Company was constantly changing ownership ever since the 1960s. One of the longest companies that held onto it was the automobile giant, Ford Motor Company from the years of 1989 up to last year, 2008. The present owner is now the Tata Motors, who acquired the rights last March 2008. Since its first enunciation way back in the 1920s up to the present, the Jaguar brand is one of the most sought out luxury vehicles by any and all kinds of car fanatics and enthusiasts as of today.